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Privacy Policy

e@syscript and Pharmacy Alliance Member Privacy Statement

Pharmacy Alliance, e@syscript and its Pharmacy Members are bound by the National Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988 of the Commonwealth of Australia. This policy statement affirms our commitment to comply with those principles.
Much of the information we hold must be collected because the law requires it. For example, Medicare or prescription details are required to be collected under the National Health Act and State or Territory Pharmacy legislation. You need to be aware that if you do not provide us with certain information about yourself, in some circumstances we may be unable to provide a service that you require.
If you have any questions about your privacy rights — or the way in which we collect, use, manage or disclose personal information - our staff would be happy to answer your questions or to provide you with further information.

Use of Web server data collected

The e@syscript Web server makes a record of your visit to the e@syscript Website for statistical purposes. e@syscript uses this information to improve our services in operating our business for the consumer. We do not sell, provide, or allow our information to be viewed by any other person other than those employed by e@syscript. No attempt will be made to identify users or their browsing activities except, in the unlikely event of an investigation, where a law enforcement agency may exercise a warrant to inspect the web server's logs.

Use of Account and Demographic information

Patient account information, such as personal details and health information, are required for particular products to ensure that these products will not cause any potential interactions with other drugs, health conditions or allergies specific to each patient. e@syscript requires email addresses and other contact details for correspondence in regard to orders placed, registration of users and to facilitate professional follow-up should it be required. As we are concerned for your future health, you provide consent to e@syscript to send you targeted information on health related products and services from time to time, which may be of interest. We do not use account or demographic information for commercial use without prior consent.

Access, Accuracy and Security of Data

As a customer, you enter all information collected and stored on the e@syscript website or collected by Pharmacy Alliance members using e@syscript. If you establish an account for a minor or dependent, this access will cease 30 days from the day of the 16th birthday of that minor or dependent, unless e@syscript is provided with written consent by the minor or dependent to continue to allow access. Without such consent, the minor or dependent will be required to re-enrol and manage their account independently. Registered account holders can view and alter this information by logging in with their username and password and accessing their account information. Access to statistical and demographic information by e@syscript can only be performed by staff members with a secure password. Access to prescription and medicine information can only be performed by Member Pharmacists with a secure password. Access to this information is recorded by log files to track authorised access and modifications.

Account Termination

As an e@syscript customer, you may terminate your account with us at any time and have your information removed from our database. Use your username and password to open your account, click on ‘Settings’ and follow the prompts.