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Moogoo Skin Care

Moogoo are an Australian company with over 40 skin care products that help with many common skin problems like irritable skin, itchy scalps, sun damage and dark spots and eczema in babies. Their products are designed to keep the skin or scalp moist, supple and using high quality, natural ingredients.
Below is a list and some examples of the Moogoo products that we have in-store.
  • Eczema & Psoriasis Cream with Marshmallow. Elderberry & more: an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and wound healing cream. This is our most popular cream, specially designed for the symptomatic relief of Eczema, Psoriasis and Sebhorrheic Dermatitis. The formula is an effective alternative or follow-up treatments to chemical-based ointments.
  • Skin Milk Udder Cream: a natural all-over moisturiser to maintain skin health and elasticity.
  • Full Cream Moisturiser: a thicker version of Skin Milk Udder Cream.
  • Soothing MSM cream: a soothing moisturiser for irritable skin.
  • Shea Sorbet: a delicious deep moisturising balm for very dry and cracked skin.
  • Scalp Cream: for symptomatic relief of Seborreic Dermatitis (Cradle Cap in infants).
Hair Care
  • Milk Shampoo: natural, gentle, great for scalp problems. The cream contains a combination of gentle coconut and glucose based cleasners instead of harsh chemical detergents. The cream also contains added ingredients that help control the microflora of the skin. This is a great natural product for people with sensitive scalp issues such as itchiness or flakiness.
  • Cream Conditioner: creamy, silicone-free, great for scalp problems.
  • Protein Shot Leave-in Conditioner
  • Milk Wash: face cleanser formula for all over your body. This wash contains 6 gentle, natural, low irritant cleansers and can be used for both for the body and the face.
  • Oil Cleansing Method: for normal, dry and oily skin.
  • Milk Cleansing Bars: traditionally used as a remedy for those with irritated skin.
Active & Outdoors
  • Fresh Cream Deodorant: no crystals or over-powering tea-tree, and no Aluminium. The product is slightly alkaline and has natural ingredients to prevent odour causing bacteria. This allow the skin to perspire but still smells fresh.
  • Tail-Swat Body Spray: a light and natural scent that deters biting insects.
  • Edible Lip Balms: everything that goes on the lips get eaten.
Specialty Creams
  • Anti-ageing Face Cream: a natural face moisturiser designed for sun damaged and ageing skin.
  • Anti-ageing SPF15 Face Cream: a face moisturiser designed for ageing skin with natural sun protection.
  • Brightening Cream: a rich nourishing cream designed to address pigmentation issues.
  • Acne Cleansing Moisturiser: a gentle cleansing moisturiser to help control blemishes.
  • Post Hair Removal Cream: a cream designed to help the skin recover post hair removal.
Oils and Serums
  • 3 Vitamins Serum: combines 3 powerful anti-oxidant vitamins.
  • Super Vitamin C Serum: an anti-oxidant serum ideal for pigmentation and sun damage.
  • Rosehip Oil 100% Organic: pure, 100% certified organic and cold pressed oil.
  • Tamanu Oil: ideal for acne-prone skin and scarring.
  • Evening Primrose & Starflower Oil: a soothing oil for dry, ageing skin.
Baby Range
  • Nappy Balm: a natural barrier cream for nappy rash.
  • Mudder Udder Balm: lanolin-free, soothing and edible.
  • Mini Moo Bubbly Wash: a natural, gentle cleansing wash for bath time bubbles.
  • Scalp Cream: for symptomatic relief of Seborrheic Dermatitis ( Cradle Cap in infants).
Sun Safety
  • Cover-up Buttercup SPF 15 Natural Moisturiser: a non-greasy moisturiser with sun protection.
  • Natural Sunscreen SPF 40: a natural zinc-based sun cream.